Nov 19, 2023

Hello World

Submit JSON has launched. Thanks for coming along for the ride 💚

What is Submit JSON?

Submit JSON is a simple tool that notifies you when POST-ing data to an endpoint. It's great for handling form submissions and for alerting you when events occur like a new user signup or a subscription.

Please note: Submit JSON is in it's public beta. We will be improving the product and shipping updates on a weekly basis until further notice 📦

Why Submit JSON?

If your experience building forms is anything close to ours, you get 90% of the way there and realize that the form needs a server to handle the submission. In reality you're only half way there.

Submit JSON is an easy solution for the "last 10%" of the process. It stays out of your way, making zero assumptions about your markup, validation logic, or user experience.

This means that you can (and should!) leverage Submit JSON for other things than form submissions 😎

POST your data to an endpoint, get real time notifications, and move on with your life.

Our Solution

We built a simple REST API and JavaScript client that makes the whole process a breeze.

Here's a small example using the JS client alongside Vue.js. Simply import submitjson, initialize the client, and submit your data.

<script setup>
import SubmitJSON from 'submitjson'
import { reactive } from 'vue'

const sj = new SubmitJSON({ apiKey: 'sjk_xxx', endpoint: 'XxXxXxXxX' })

const myForm = reactive({
  name: 'Dude',
  message: 'Yo',

async function onSubmit() {
  try {
    const data = await sj.submit(myForm.value)
  catch (error) {

  <form @submit.prevent="onSubmit">
    <input v-model="myForm.name" name="name">
    <input v-model="myForm.message" name="message">
    <button type="submit">


Endpoints can be customized to work with your submission requirements.

  • Change the format of the submission
  • Deliver email notifications to your inbox.
  • Link other email addresses
  • Change the notification sound

Ready to see what's behind the curtain? Check out these links:

Get notified in 5 minutes

Submit JSON delivers your submissions via email, integrations, and webhooks. Set up takes less than 5 minutes.