Submit JSON vs Netlify Forms
Choosing the right form backend

Submit JSON vs Netlify Forms


A quick summary

When comparing these two products, the main differences that stand out are cost, plan limits, and features.

Netlify Forms starts at $19/month with 1,000 total submissions. After the 1,000 submission threshold is crossed, it costs an additional $9 per 500 submisisons.

Compare that to Submit JSON's $5/month plan that sports a submission limit of 2,500, and their $15/month plan with 10,000 submissions.

Netlify's strategy mirrors that of Apple - they first create an ecosystem, then monopolize it by selling you solutions that only work in said ecosystem. From this position they can charge out the wazoo, because they've already caught you in their trap.

In comparison, Submit JSON was designed to be affordable, versatile, and generous.

Which is the best form backend for you? We think the answer is obvious, but we'll let you decide.

Compare pricing and features

Submit JSON
Netlify Forms
Price$5-$30Starting at $19
Free submission limit250100
Basic submission limit2,500 @ $5/month1,000 @ $19/month
Pro submission limit25,000 @ $30/month25,000 @ $450/month
Number of endpoints (pro plan)UnlimitedUnlimited
JavaScript (TS) Client SDK
Data storage
Data export
Search submissions
Linked Emails
Free endpoint security
API key security
Restricted domains
Honeypot fields
Slack app
Zapier integration
reCAPTCHA integrationOnly v2
Cloudflare Turnstile integration
hCaptcha integration
We're biased, but honest

When to choose Netlify Forms, and when Submit JSON?

Submit JSON
  • Greater value - Submit JSON's $5/month plan comes with 2.5 times the number of submissions than Netlify Forms $19/month plan.
  • Go beyond form submissions - Submit JSON is not only a form backend, it doubles as a powerful notification API
  • Plays nice with JS frameworks and TypeScript projects. Netlify Forms, not so much.
Netlify Forms
  • An OK option if you are hosting your project on Netlify and are receiving under 100 form submissions per month.
  • Over 100 submissions, we cannot recommend this product in good faith. It's a HUGE rip off.
  • They charge $9 per 500 submissions after you cross the 1000 submission threshold. That's $100/month per 5,000 submissions.
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Why developer teams prefer Submit JSON

Submit JSON FAQs

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